my world is started to explore in my field. - Blog

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Welcome to Hindu Roots

my world is started to explore in my field.

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nenu na career ni modalu petanu and its started on my birthday of certificate.
thats aug 23.
i had my first experience abroad from india by KLM dutch airlines to amsterdam and from there iam on my way to panama city.
as i had a break of 5hrs to my next flight i went all around the god thats so good and very big.
right from the corners to corners it a km away.
for me it took 2hrs for to see the airport a little.
nice and i met some indian crew from vishakapatnam come over here to join a vessel.
as i was the only one from india to join in my company.
they were surprised to listen i m alone to join.
nice to see crew and 2ladies along with them from india.

People solve problems, and there's no person in this country who doesn't have something to contribute. Whether you're twelve years old or ninety-five. The trick is finding the thing that really engages your passion. And there's so many ways to do that! .." mworld "
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Welcome to Hindu Roots