a beautiful day on mar 24,2011.!! no sleep no interest !! - Blog

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a beautiful day on mar 24,2011.!! no sleep no interest !!

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I don't know what is going in the evening. My mind is not at all in my control its totally choke. First thing is my heart is beating very fast and next thing is not interested on any thing too. Normally when ever I am not in good mood or vice versa, go for a drive which gives me much pleasure when I drive my bike.

I like to drive at my own speed.

Today I did the same went for a long drive for 2.5hrs very nice. Air and breezy evening. Well I was not in this world for some time. I went to my friend home as his sister needs some movies and later I am back to home. I was thinking in my own way not much talk with other. I was hungry and said to mom to prepare for dinner and she said me to wait until the fathers brother wash his hands. I said ok not a problem. I was just watching the cricket and seeing the time and send the msg that I reached home and what are you doing?

India won the match on Australia by 5wickets. All the people are so happy and even my sister started talking to his husband asap. My mind is not at all thinking about all this things and suddenly my sis is talking to band and gave the phone to dad, he spoke some times very little and gave it back and later she gave the phone to me..which I was not in this world. I was dreaming and thinking some thing. I said her its better you talk what I will talk with him. She forcely insisted me to talk to him. I spoke some words and I was asking about cricket and mobile is switch off on sudden. And I just throw the phone for switch off and which my sis misunderstood and started shouting at me. Already I was not in this world. Simple I said plz don't give me I already said but insisted to me forcely and it was switch off what I can do. You know I was thinking some thing…in between mom was saying me for making late to talk to sisters husband. I was saying that you know well about me and what I will talk with him regarding what I can speak…in between mysis shouted a lot and said you will talk to the people you like and whats the problem in talking for two minutes with him. I said to her that, I am thinking in some where which I cant say to you. A big shouts at me all over. I was literally very much anger but I stopped myself as she is carrying and said I am thinking my schdule and why you forcely insist me to do. Remember you can only request to talk but cant force me understand it will be better for you in future.

She didn't stop her shouts and many things she spoke which made me very bad.

Already my mind is not good and the sweet words like this made me very happy too.

I had a beautiful day today. which end without sleeping for more than 24hrs.


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Welcome to Hindu Roots