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Welcome to Hindu Roots

good morning to all.

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i didnt had a nice sleep last night...i dont know whats wrong with my mind,. i went to my home which we gave on rent and i was shocked by the way it is..ground floor is totally out of order and spider web all around. i was totally angry by seeing that and just made a call to home and asked mom what the hell is going on why it is so dirty from so many days. Even dad is so lazy that he thinks that its none of his business what he thinks i dont understand. even the way he talks is totally stupid. normally i used to get doubt why these kind of people will get marry and marrriage is only for ??? and nothing else they know stupid mentality. They are afraid to take responsibilities and cant do planning what to do how to do? oh god.
This is not new for us but only one thing which i expect is atleast now he will already 53yrs to him even now he is same as a stupid and the differences of the people saying that you people are not belong to myfamily. which words make me very angry.
i dont understand one thing ...a wife is nothing for these  stupid people and even mom makes proper planning too and prepares for the future than dad.
i stopped asking or saying anything to him as i know its useless. i did my education and only need to earn money asap and clear all the problems. i dont want to be like a stupid. thats the reason no one asks me what i do and where i go. Do plan what to do and what is future needs and which is important. i know the valve of money.

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Welcome to Hindu Roots