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MrPerfect and theenmaar cinema meda copyrights case veyali hahahha..

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i went to second time to the movie MrPerfect with mom,teja and rajesh ..amma emo vadu nee dailogues ee cheptunadu...i know what i do, manalo matter unte evadaina vangutadu !! when we dont know what we are we need to affraid about any thing,
we were so laughing by the dailogues of prabhas.
well the movie has a nice theme..and good to go with the family members.
Bj ,mulu.
even songs and acting and locations are superb..marvel.
had nice time with friends too.
like to go with the special one to this again ..hope the day comes soon.!!
lets see.

last week too i went to theenmaar twice too ..with the same group.
even in that pavan will have fun with the girls abroad like me and at last he will make resign and throw on face..which i did too.

just oke oka call ..pulled me to india from usa. aa roju emi thought ledu naku ante ventane i wrote a letter to the company saying that i am going to india i need to meet important person in my life....bcoz of which i am here.
thats it i thrown the letter on face and rushed to india.

so funny to see on the screen...i had fun with girls but i never crossed the limits of mine.
bcoz i know very fell to whom i am going  spend my life..and share the thoughts of mine...
normally i used to say ...once you get married will have no rest !! so take rest now as much as you can..hahhah so funny.

aina li8 tesko.
life has many chapters like a book has.!!


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Welcome to Hindu Roots