oka small doubt..? and akada nundi idi vachindi ...crazy mind of mine. - Blog

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oka small doubt..? and akada nundi idi vachindi ...crazy mind of mine.

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i come to hear from many friends all over the world. These days many people are commiting suicide for nothing. Even for small reasons which is not at all complicated they thing the only solution for this is death...i consider it as a stupidity.
I listened to many problems and many things beyond my level..but i never suggest anyone to go for suicide which has meaning less of living as a human being. Normally i do think like : when we have money and everything we spend like hell and enjoy like ever but in the same why don't we like to face the problems which come across the life. Generally these techonology days are habituated only for the good and enjoy but not for struggle and difficulties or pain. for which the best solution they think is the suicide.
  Recently there is a news that a 6th class girl who comitted suicide for not passing in exams which is really a mistake. A exam is nothing when you think what is life and for what you are living. basically we are the Indian's who like to fulfill the dreams of the parents or grandparents but it's not the same with the other countries they know what to do and not all but some think what they are doing and take the right decision to be independent as much as they can. Even i am one of the guy who is making a path in fulfill of the parents as what i need i can't get it in this life so i thought atleast make them happy for giving this life. I like to taste the happyness when it knocks the door and even pain when it is beside me because my mom says as where there is a pain there is a happyness too but only thing is it will take some time.
Every one on this earth has pain but it is not forever too. look at the ants which is very small as a nano technology chip but it is the one which carrys the more than its own weight all the time. In child hood we play with ants and we smash them where ever we see. when some thing seems very small to you, we will be ready to do what ever we like bcoz its nothing for us. In the same think and feel that the problems are nothing infornt of things which you are going to achieve in your life, you'll be the one who is happy all the time.
   i would like to say about one of my best and ever unforgetable being: cool and charming face. Always there will be only one reason for everything a simple smile on lips and attracting words which makes you so cool even if you try to slap, the answer will be you're welcome. Just because of the words and identifying the mistakes and solving is the extra talent which she had. Never hurt any but not ourself. This is the sentence which i gets in mind when ever its before the eyes. Nothing is difficult in this world when you dont have nothing to loose,
so, i conclude by saying that : life is to live and don't put an end for the small problems which is nothing in a long journey. Try to taste everything either good or bad. Have a cheeful smile on lips and say welcome for everything which comes on your way. Miss You !!

"This is MyWorld ! pain is nothing when you had manythings to make you be happy ! Be Happy Forever .."

          .::"I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive."::.


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Welcome to Hindu Roots