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Btech guy is working as a delivery boy.

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Today, i met with a delivery boy who is working for one of the top brand of eCommerce like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal ...etc.,
I received a call saying its delivery boy from eCommerce company and on meeting him surprised to know about himself who is an fourth year engineering student who is working as a part time in eCommerce for money.
Come to know that he is from ECE background and he has a small chip robot which takes the command from him and do the work or help him in bringing tools and kits to him.

That really interesting, said him to be in contact and to share his thoughts on it to know better and see how to help him further.

"India has a hidden talent which is covered under many influences. What we need to do is to dig-out and encourage this hidden talent for a better India."


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Welcome to Hindu Roots