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Surprised to know

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Was surprised to know that one of the beautiful lady, an actress, a good being is suffering from cancer.

I was moving away on some work at office and a poster in one of the newspaper attracted to my eyes which pulled my concentration towards it. Its Mamata Mohandas still and about her experience in life. I just started reading about her interview and was surprised to know that she is suffering from cancer though there is nothing wrong in it but my point of thinking she played a very good role in most of the movies which she had a huge number of fans across.

Post reading the entire article i can feel the pain which she had in her life. Inspite of everything she has become a role model for many people a icon for most of them.

She had a tough time with her marriage which stepped back in six months and few friends who are always with her when in need. Her mom is the one who is taking care of everything in good time and in bad times.

Now, she moved to Los Angeles (LA) and spending her time for herself with many other activities round the clock.

One had to live happily no matter what ever the circumstances are.
Have a great day my sweet heart.
If possible will come to see you one fine day in life.

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Welcome to Hindu Roots